sea dolphin events

Yes, Dolphin Sea Restaurant is not only a great dining destination but also an
ideal venue for events in Jerusalem. The impressive ancient Jerusalem stone
building, combined with 55 years of experience, fresh raw materials, and
professional staff, make any event hosted here a truly magical experience.
The event menu is based on the purity of fish, seafood, and meat, with quality raw
materials being the cornerstone of the restaurant’s menu. Whether it’s a business
event, birthday celebration, bar/bat mitzvah, or even a small wedding, Dolphin
Sea Restaurant’s private room (event floor) is the perfect venue. With seating for
up to 65 diners, the private room offers a smart TV with a huge screen, a projector,
and a separate audio system, ensuring that your event is a success.
Over the years, many events have been held in the private room, with each one
being a memorable experience. Dolphin Sea Restaurant’s commitment to quality,
hospitality, and attention to detail make it the perfect venue for your next event
in Jerusalem

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