Dolphin Sea Restaurant, established in 1967, has been satisfying the appetites of
hungry diners for over four decades, making it the oldest fish, seafood, and meat
restaurant in Jerusalem.
The restaurant effortlessly combines Parisian chic with authentic Jerusalem
warmth to create a unique ambiance. Offering fresh and select seafood and land
dishes at affordable prices, each portion is generous and served with love. The
chefs’ extensive knowledge accumulated over the years turns every dish into a
celebration of flavors.
Taking inspiration from modern cuisine, the restaurant incorporates seasonal
ingredients to create an extraordinary culinary harmony that tantalizes all the
senses. The authentic and welcoming atmosphere is perfect for hospitality.
The menu is extensive, catering to all palates, and includes a variety of fresh and
high-quality fish and seafood, fine meats, pastas with favorite sauces, vegetarian
dishes, and even children’s dishes. Each dish is prepared with an intoxicating
fragrance and amazing aroma that will leave a lasting impression.
Experience the magic of Dolphin Sea Restaurant and treat yourself to a culinary
journey that celebrates flavors and hospitality like no other.